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Mad Men Eulogies, Roger Sterling, Lovable A**hole

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Generation X's Journey From Jaded To Sated

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Phrases Commonly Used By 1950s Housewives That Were Often Misinterpreted By The Housewives' Husbands As Blatant Requests For Sex

Similac Alimentum Advance

Generic Brand Nicotine Polacrilex Lozenges



Kanye Westminster's Dog Show Starts Today

Modern Proverbs



6 Unexpected Perks Of Long Term Relationships

7 Important Relationship Truths From John Hughes Movies



Mad Men Eulogies: Roger Sterling



Reading In Bed: How An E-Reader Saved My Marriage



What Your Celebrity Crush Says About You



5 Reasons To Drink Down Shakespeare Not Stirred: Cocktails For Your Everyday Dramas



My Little Pony

This Didn't Really Happen. This Is Fiction. Don't Sue Me For Defamation.

Watch Me Throw A Piano On The UPS Man For You

It's Guys Like You, Mickey

I Say Tomato, You Say "Sick! Who Eats Tomatoes?"

I Want My MTV

There Is A Corpse Wearing A Hoop Skirt In Your Swimming Pool

Just Keep Nodding

Away In A Manger

Just Say No. I Mean. Welllll. Okay Maybe Just This Once.

Throw Him A Bone

Crappy Jobs

Don't Touch My Monkeys

Are You Gonna Eat That?

Don't Shoot!

I Would Rather Wear A Pair Of Live Possum Panties


Hey! Feces!

You Really Shouldn't Have

Personal Jesus

Ethan Hawke Will Be Mine, All Mine

The Spawn Of Iggy Pop's Asshole



Is Kentucky South Or What?

Ask Me What I Do In Kentucky

Naked Lunch

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Let's Take This Outside

Animal Farm, Animal House

Full-Court Press

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Big Willie's Style



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God? I Don't Know If You Know This, But...

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Geographical Love Limericks

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Even Better Than Bloody Dinosaurs

Top Nine Recommended Shots For Baby/Top Nine Recommended Shots For Mother

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You Put What Where?!

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